Delta Wright

Interiors That Look and Feel Good

Nothing MOVES without SOUL.


It has been 3 years since I came out about my singing and got on stage to perform a full length concert in honor of entering my fourth decade. It was supposed to be "One night and one night only." When i performed that first night, I didn’t realize then that I had kicked off a major transformation, but like the song goes “you can’t start a fire without a spark.” By SINGING, i have learned first hand that a little fire can produce serious alchemy! Thanks to the enthusiasm, support, and love of the people in my life, I am now even more Delta Wright than the Delta Wright you might have known before.

I used to think I could only live my life a certain way trying to fit into a certain set of standards. As it turns out, I’ve just just got too much going on to try and fit into a single mold!  So Instead of getting lost in the NOISE of the world, this transformation has reduced my desire down to the heart of the matter. 


I want to create, I want to love and I want to SING
— Delta Wright


Since I was kid, Besides ALWAYS singing, I was also creating elaborate environments for my stuffed animals and then documenting the complex relationships I imagined between them. I believed that HOME is the foundation of a happy life.  

It’s certainly no surprise that I chose interior design as my profession. 

My thinking was that if everything was just so--just perfect enough, that would springboard into perfect success in the outside world.  Now, my relationship with music reminds me in a new way, that HOME is much much more than a physical place with perfect decoration or even perfect function.

Home is a state of being.

It's creating space to come to know oneself and having the freedom to explore what a passionate life can be like, no matter the setting.

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