Delta Wright

Interiors That Look and Feel Good


HOME is a state of being


Interiors designed by Delta Wright look and feel good. Expertly mixing a modernist sensibility with a love of craftsmanship, an affinity for nature with a bit of the unexpected, Delta's interiors sing, not shout. Rooted in the belief that home is a place of wellbeing, Delta's environments radiate warmth through the use of sophisticated elements set against airy relaxed interiors. Each project is also crafted to embrace the soothing elements of the exterior - natural light, views and the California landscape. Combining technical grounding in architecture with an impressive creative pedigree, interiors designed by Delta Wright are always created with soul. 


Less is more. God is in the details. I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.
— Mies van der Rohe


Part artist/part engineer, Delta chose a creative path as a way to passionately engage with all of life. Trained as a ceramic artist, then an honors graduate of PRATT's prestigious interior design program, a soulful lounge singer married to a celebrity personal chef and mother of two uber inquisitive girls, Delta lives and breathes the yin/yang of family/work life with a California twist.

Raised in small town Illinois, schooled in NYC and Copenhagen and trained in premier design studios, she has designed dozens of inspired interiors - from relaxed and earthy Santa Monica to luxurious and ceremonial Saudi Arabia. 

Delta gets people, places and things.

Her motto? Nothing MOVES without SOUL.

Now based in Los Angeles, Delta and her team of creative virtuosos are on a mission to create beautiful, modern interiors that radiate warmth, create well-being and celebrate the unique soul of every client.

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2812 Santa Monica Blvd No. 206 Santa Monica, Ca 90404 310 828 6417 @deltawright