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Hello and welcome to DOCENT

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Photographed by Stephanie Kleinman at The Casa Perfect

Photographed by Stephanie Kleinman at The Casa Perfect

Welcome to DOCENT - your guide to design intelligence, creative solutions and earthly beauty.
Led by me, Delta Wright an interior designer, design curator, public speaker, occasional songstress and life-long design enthusiast, DOCENT briefings will land in your inbox 2x’s a month with well-researched dispatches from the world of art and design.

A bit more about me -

My passion for both the technical and aesthetic aspects of design started early when I took over my father’s workshop to create a split-level modernist environment for my entourage of miniature animals. Function and beauty have always been equal creeds in my design education, from decoding the genius of iconic designers at the Pratt Institute to creating unique homes for clients from Santa Monica to Saudi Arabia.

My obsession with learning the “how and why” of design has lead to an enormous amount of design research.  I regularly attend exhibitions, travel and attend design events to stay at the forefront of the design world globally. My 25 years of creating interiors has also taught me that all knowledge is provisional - until you APPLY it.  

I am launching DOCENT as a way to share my passion for design research, my interest in solving design-related problems and my innate affinity for beauty. DOCENT celebrates design intelligence and is created for those who appreciate design history, have an interest in provenance and enjoy the stories behind the designers and craftspeople that created the objects we own and love.

DOCENT is my homage to knowledge – a nod to the creative thinkers, inventors who tinkered until they found solutions and a deep bow to the beauty makers. DOCENT is both my creative outlet and my response to the current moment of overwhelm and disillusionment. When we focus on solutions, elevate intelligence and reach for beauty, our work (and lives!) come into harmonious balance.

Keep your eye out for DOCENT briefings in your inbox. In my next post, I’ll share the design influences that shape my POV.  In the meantime, I want to hear from you. What in the world of design are you curious to learn more about?  Tell me your top design challenges…my interest is piqued...

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