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Interior Design Services

Interior Design | With a deep understanding of a client’s lifestyle and personality, DWID creates highly individualized interiors. Taking creative cues from a client’s passions and preferences, we curate the best design options in a world of endless possibilities. Our designers work on a range of different commercial and domestic settings combining a smart use of space with a soulful approach to aesthetics.

Architecture Review and Space Planning | Changing lifestyles require a holistic approach to designing spaces that best support home, work and play.  We analyze social and lifestyle trends to incorporate emergent human needs into our forward- thinking designs. Our interior planners consider demographic and psychological factors that contribute to wellbeing and success.

Interior Furnishings and Styling | “God is in the details,” proclaimed our design mentor, Mies van de Rohe. Unique personal expression, soul, is best expressed in unexpected details or the juxtaposition of textures and forms. Sophisticated styling requires an artful layering of design elements that add panache and patina to a space. Our stylists are visual storytellers creating irresistible experiences for homes, offices and events.